Looking for Front End Developer


Hi, our CoinStash team is developing a series of play-2-earn web3 browser games. We are looking for a freelance Front End Developer who also has good design skills and interest in game development to collaborate with the team in other areas of the js game code.

FE developer must create professional looking UI based on wire frames in Figma and integrate them in the game code in the first stage. In the next stage the FE developer must be able to integrate advanced UI created in Figma from the UI designer.

Our team works remotely and has daily meetings in the pacfic time zone. You can learn more about CoinStash in the Discord community and on Twitter/ X @coinstash_games


Unrelated to the job posting, but your team may be interesting in contributing here:
Figma to BabylonJS plugin! - Demos and projects - Babylon.js


I am interested in this opportunity, looking forward to discuss more.

Best regards :slightly_smiling_face:
Email: adenekanademola931@gmail.com
Portfolio: https://aademola.vercel.app/
Github: ademola-lou (ademola-lou) ยท GitHub

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