Looking for objExporter js version

I’m searching for obj/stl exportes - javascript format.

I want to export as obj/stl a gltf file, and I have some errors related to material (as expected) and I want to see if I’m able to fix somehow.

Thanks :wink:

The simplest solution is to use Blender for conversions. I often launch Blender only to convert files I’ve created in a separate application. It’s free and it works better than any other application for multiple formats. There are JS converters out there, but they are not maintained to support features as is Blender with most every release of the babylon.js framework.


Hi @Galen.
Thanks for reply.
Yeah, this is a good solution, but I want this in the scene.
I upload few glb objects in the scene, put them together and at the end I’m saving the scene as glb again, which work good, but I want now to check if is possible to save as obj/stl ready for print from scene…To avoid somehow this step - I mean take glb from scene open it in an auxiliar software and from there to export as obj/stl.

I found an old version of objExporter in the old forum
And thanks @Pryme8 for stlExporter. Found it in a different topic too :yum: