Looking for some dev support for Golf Course modelling in babylon.js

We are Clere Golf - the worlds leading golf survey and software systems business working on the PGA, European Tour. Our software includes babylon course models. We are initially looking for some freelance help to add new features. email for more information - paulh@clere.uk.com

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This is such a cool opportunity :slight_smile: Hope you ll find somebody real soon.

Love that opportunity

Pinging some good folks

@Pryme8 @brianzinn @CraigFeldspar

Looks like a very cool project. I have done some GIS work for the Ministry of Forests and it was fun, but I’m just too busy these days with my day job! :smile: best of luck finding candidates. Curious if your survey photogrammetry also does altitude as your one screenshot has isobars. I wrote software with laser range finders and GPS, but not with UAV/drone.

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Hi Brian.

Thanks for getting back to me. Yes the photogrammetry generates elevations and a DTM for us.



Paul Homersham
07733 113203

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I appreciate the ping, unfortunately I am so overwhelmed with work I could not possible accept any more offers. Thanks for thinking of me though!

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