GPS Tracks in 3D Topography

I’m working on an app to visualize GPS Tracks projected on 3D Terrain. I was always a bit disappointed on how common apps only use a 2D map, especially for hiking and mountaineering tracks where the topography matters. (I know that Strava offers some kind of 3D view by now, but I still wanted to build my own thing)

That’s why I started working on

Naturally, it’s based on Babylon, with a lot of datasources and number crunching on the backend.
It’s still very experimental, but I wanted to get feedback from the community and see whether you guys like where this is headed.

As an example, here’s the Bishorn, a 4000 m peak in Switzerland: Bishorn - CubeTrek

Let me know what you think.


Since I have your attention: what do you think about the mouse and gesture interaction for rotation, panning, zooming? I’m pretty much using the standard settings, but I’m not entirely convinced it’s completely intuitive.

Great piece of work, very impressed. Not a big fan of the particle effects on select, personally I find them distracting.

Had a look on my mobile and gesture work well for me. Looking forward to seeing more.

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Great Job !!! cc @PirateJC :slight_smile:

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That’s a very cool idea! I’m not a big hiker but this looks very useful :rofl: The camera controls feel intuitive to me, but it might be good to add some “help” section explaining them to people less familiar. I also really like how you can select a place in the graph and have it reflected in the map, through I agree with John that the particle effects feel a bit distracting. Maybe instead of them, put a sphere on the selected place? Or maybe even tiny 3D hikers :rofl:


Ok this is a KILLER cool idea! I absolutely LOVE it! I 100% agree that top down 2D representations of hikes and what not are just boring and don’t tell the story of the complexity of the actual experience.

This is a super compelling use case for where 3D is FAR superior to 2D!

Excellent job @folli

Are you on twitter? I’d love to showcase this from the Babylon account and throw some attention your way. :slight_smile:

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Thanks for your feedback. Yes, I’m getting mixed respondes regarding the particle effect, some think it’s anything, others think it’s cool.

I initially tried a static marker (sphere or similar), but the problem was that it wasn’t conspicuous enough on very mountainous terrain. I need to go back and try some other ideas.

Good point about the help section.
3d hikers are a cool idea :smile:

Thanks for the encouraging words @PirateJC !!!

I’m not a frequent Twitter user, but any attention to is welcome! My Twitter handle is @R_Follador

By the way, there’s a technical description at the very bottom of the homepage if anyone is interested in more details.