Masters Tracker

Yesterday the new 3d tracker for the Masters was launched, with the next round starting shortly. Developed over the last several months in conjunction with IBM, I thought everyone here would find it interesting to see babylonjs used in a live sports context.


Omg this rocks!! Pinging @PirateJC
also do you want to add it on our homepage?

@sable This is really cool! Thanks for sharing! I’m going to add this to the consideration list for our 4.0 release video!!!

@Deltakosh Feel free to add it to the homepage, should be up until the next Masters

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Will do thanks

What author should I use?

I think just put Augusta National Golf Club (or ANGC), as there were a number of different teams involved in bringing it all together.

Very cool. Love it!
I have never been intrested in golf, but the 3D map + video got me hooked.
I guess it is because, before seeing this, I have never really understood the spatial relationship of the field and shots, and that’s where the fun is.