Major gizmo bug

In the latest BJS version (alpha25), the gizmo color is sometimes gray when it is switched. This is definitely a recently introduced bug, so I consider this a regression; it was working fine before.

Use the classic gizmo manager PG.
Try switching W/E/R (without moving the mouse). You’ll notice that a lot of times the gizmos are gray. The messed up thing is that it occasionally switches back n forth.
If the gizmo is gray, move the mouse and it changes back to its default color. Super weird

What’s even more messed up is that the gizmo seems to be sometimes gray depending on the position of the mouse on the screen.


I’m on it…

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@mrlooi not sure the title helps.

This is a community project and you know we will address the issue as fast as we can so no need to be that alarming here :slight_smile:


Yes it’s a bit hard to talk about regression…
I think there may be a while, a feature on the Gizmo was added to change their colors and a little oversight it’s added I guess.

No regression. No one is adding bugs on purpose, they’re just oversights. And the team corrects them very quickly.

Oh, did not think the word regression had a negative connotation haha, my bad! Heard a few others use that word for similar things, without any extra meanings intended; just to describe that it didnt work as good as before

I’ll edit the title

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no worry I totally understand :slight_smile: and you are in good hands with @Cedric

PR is live : Fix colors refresh for gizmos by CedricGuillemet · Pull Request #10516 · BabylonJS/Babylon.js · GitHub


Awesome!! btw I really like the dragBehavior enabled option idea