Maya exporter - How to export only the skeleton (with animation)?

I am able to export a single skinned mesh with animation from Maya to both the .babylon and .glb file formats without issue.
However, if I remove the mesh leaving only the skeleton, and try to export again the resulting file does not contain a skeleton at all and the importers error during the import process.
The same thing occurs if I don’t delete the mesh, and select just the skeleton, attempting to export only selected.
Is there a way to export only the skeleton from Maya that I am missing?

pinging @Guillaume_Pelletier

Hello guys,
Skeleton are tightly coupled to the mesh into the exporter. Exporting skeletons ONLY, just needs to become a new feature. Theorically this might be possible but the underlying code is not fully designed for.

Thanks for the quick response.
Can you think of any workaround? Is there any way to remove a mesh, materials, etc… from a .babylon file after it is exported?

Haha, this is another story, if you remove all the meshes and keep the skeleton

“meshes”:[ ],
“skeletons”:[ {…},{…}]

you might get the expected result
be aware of remove any references to the meshes such morphManager if some.
I tried with one of my .babylon file and it’s work.
draco (2).zip (290.1 KB)