Export Maya to GLB only skeleton issue

Hello, i have a issue about export from maya to GLB, i just want to export only skeleton and animation, not include mesh but its fail, can anyone help me to fix that?

do you mean the joint chains?

cc @PatrickRyan

I meant when i export from maya to GLB file, i need 2 type of file for my own game project:

  • one have joint and mesh.
  • the other is only need joint with animation.
    So the babylon is good for export mesh with joint but when i export only joint and animation, its not working. I think this feature dont have in the babylon plugin. So i want to ask everybody to help me.
    @PatrickRyan can you help me?

When it’s possible to export the mesh and joints together. You could try as quick solution:
Export it all together and then in the inspector invisible the mesh and save (export) again.

I am still a absolut beginner and may somebody else can offer you a better solution. But that would be the way I would give a try.

Thanks you, that is one way i am thinking. So i am waiting for the mod to give me some difference way.

@Lam_Nguyen1, I am missing a little information about how your file is set up so I am making some assumptions here. But I did put together a quick sample of using a mesh/skeleton only file and retargeting a skeleton/animation file’s animations to the mesh.

There are a few things to take into account. The first is that I would still suggest using animation groups to clip your timeline. Doing this makes it easier to retarget the animations you want since you have potentially dozens or hundreds of animations to handle depending on the complexity of your skeleton. Remember, there will be up to three animation curves per bone and having them as a group will help with the retargeting.

When exporting your file, you have all of the options you need to split the files right in the exporter. When you export your mesh only file, you want your window set up like this:


Note that I have the options under animations all disabled. You can then export the mesh as you want with the other settings and even use Export only selected if you want. If you do that, however, make sure you have selected both the mesh objects and the entire skeleton. Selecting the root bone and then clicking Select > Hierarchy is an easy way to get everything in your skeleton. This will set up your file correctly for retargeting.

For the animation only file, you can leave the mesh options as they were before and check Export Animations and Export Animations Only under the Animations options. Since you have Export Only Animations checked the rest of the scene will be ignored in the export. This will give you a copy of your skeleton nodes and all animations in the export.

One thing to note is that the skeleton definition that is normally written into the glTF format is ignored with exporting only animation data. This means that you won’t see the skeleton definition of the animation only file in your scene’s inspector and cannot enable a debug view of the skeleton. I am speaking with the rest of the engineering team right now to see if there is something we want to change about that flow.

Once you have your mesh and animation file loaded in your scene, you just need to retarget the animations. If you look at the animation group imported into the scene, you will see that each of the animations in the group has a target that the animation applies to. The target of the original animation curve is going to be one of the transforms imported from the animation only file. This transform will have a name that matches the name of one of the bones in the skeleton you are trying to target.

At this point you just need to change the target of the animations to the correct bone in the skeleton attached to the mesh. What I do in the example above is to clone the animation group and iterate through each animation and assign a matching bone from the mesh skeleton as the target of the animation. Basically, while the names of the skeleton’s bones and the transforms from the animation only file match, their unique IDs in the scene do not. So doing this reassignment is necessary. This also means you can reuse this imported animation for any other matching skeleton simply by cloning and reassigning targets for the new mesh.

I hope this helps you with your scene, but please let me know if you have more questions.