MediaSource API and 360-VideoDome?

Has anyone accomplished media buffering of a 360-videoDome?

I have very large 4k-video files which take forever to load. Instead of waiting around for an entire file, I’d like to load an initializer segment, start playing, and then load remaining video-segments in the background.

I am wondering if I might create a mediaSource object, generate a mediaSource URL, and then buffer video segments to improve 360-videoDome load time.

Is this a reasonable application?

It seems really reasonable considering the videoDome documentation:

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Hey, this should work :slight_smile:
Please keep us posted on your experiments

Does anyone know how did this go? Would be very useful!

Hi Nejurgis,

Unfortunately, I moved to a new grad-school before finishing this part of the project. However, there are others still working on it, so maybe they made progress(?).

Would you like me to follow up?


Hey Matthew, yeah would be amazing! Would be really cool to see it in action!