360 Video Dome Video Caching?

Hello, i have very large 360 video ~500mb, i need to show and control it, move to a particular time, i got the time control part, but sometimes it lags, how to cache / buffer large 360 video before playback?
Is there any example?
Thank you!

The video dome is using an HTML video element under the hood. If the browser caches it, we cache it as well.
I assume you want to play while it buffers, but if it is possible to download the entire video beforehand (might create a bit of extra traffic on your server) you can download the video, store it locally (in indexedDB, for example) and load it using a blob. Then you guarantee that the video is fully loaded before it starts.

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Can you provide any example? Thanks!

There are a few examples on the web:


And the best (good read!) Client-side storage - Learn web development | MDN

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