Mercedes EQ Silver Arrow 02

Hello, it’s me again.

Finally a new project got approved and released, the display of the new Mercedes EQ Silver Arrow 02

(it’s halfway down the page)

Sadly it’s not possible to add this project to the demo list on the bablyonjs front page :confused:

Thanks again to the whole BabylonJS team for your hard work! I have plenty of upcoming projects :smiley:


Looking sweet! :smile:
Really liked the idea of turning the wheel with the mouse in the cockpit view, nice touch!
Nice composition in the scene/environment as well!
Did they provide you with a model of the car (CAD, or other wise)?


We had a CAD model and made a retopo for the web

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Yeah, those things general have to adhere to standards and such, very rarely a car company would let someone model stuff from scratch, it’s nice that they provide the CAD model.
Great work! :smiley:

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Looks great. Did you have much trouble going from CAD to real time model ?

Actually this was super easy, barely an inconvenience :smiley:

Just joking… it took a LOT of time to make a retopo of the model so that everyone was happy.

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