Audi Q8 Configurator Demo


Finally done with my Audi demo that we are going to showcase tomorrow!
Which me luck :slight_smile:

It started as a high poly model which we then simplified from 4.5m polys down to 300k
The painting was done in substance painter, and then exported to where we only had a base color, normals and a occlusionMetalnessRougness textures for the different parts of the car.

Since this was one of my / our first babylonjs projects there was a lot of learning going on, around how to best structure the scene, how to best compress the textures, the data. How to structure the state and how to react to state changes. There is a lot to learn…

I was able to use rxjs observables as a state stream om paint changes, which then where reacted to by the paint system which finds the right material and does the work.

It feels like the ECS model, but instead of looping all the time, i simply react to the changes coming from the UI. I found this very easy to work with, and being able to connect the camera as a listener to the state stream also worked really well.

I’ve still got a lot to learn, but that is what drives me to go to work every day :slight_smile:


Woot! Fantastic !

You should add it to our homepage!!!


Pinging @PirateJC



This rocks! Love it! You ok with me adding this to our 4.0 Release Video?


What was your general process for simplifying from 4.5m polys down to 300k?


@Deltakosh I’ll add it when I get back from the trip

@PirateJC Yes you may add it to the release video :smile:

@Devin_Wright I’ll check with my 3d artist and get back to you…


This is the fun part of the adventure! :smiley: