Mesh.clone() goes in IE11 to an endless loop

Have a look into this example:

the Bug was coming with Babylon 4.0.x… in 3.3 it is working.
the deepest for loop in deepCopy method in Babylon engine dont end because the (source) Array is growing….

Is there a bugfix in one of the next stable releases?



Hello and welcome!

I see in your code that you are using mesh._children. This is not a good idea :slight_smile: All members starting with _ are considered private and can be changed between versions.

Also I do not think this code was working before:
mesh2.skeleton = mesh2.skeleton.clone("clonedSkeleton");

I think there is a typo here ;D

Hello Deltakosh,

this is not my code, i have it found in the playground and this is creating the same effect as my code.
in my code we are using a the AssetManager to load OBJ files. This is a configurator for Racks. We are loading some assets and clone the same to build the Rack.
For the loaded Meshes i am calling the clone(“new_name”) Method.

The loader give me back an array of meshes. foreach I am calling the clone method.

can you help me?

now an other example:
Comment in the box3 clone code



What is wrong with this example?

do you have used the Browser Internet Explorer 11?
Please try run the example with Internet Explorer 11.

do have tested the example with Microsoft Internet Explorer 11?
The method Mesh.clone() goes in endless loop if you run the example with MS IE 11!

help me… please.



Oh sorry! I missed that part :smiley:
It is now fixed and will be in next nightly

Thanks for the nice support…



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