Mesh connexion problem

Hi all,

I’m totally new in web development and it’s my first work/project, ALL is new for me.

First, I’m sorry but my project is now “big” (for me) and I’ll not be able to reproduce it in the PlayGround.

I’m alone and need a bit of help.

I’m working on a 3D configurator to permit to assemble elements.
The element can be assembled clicking on a yellow and a blue sphere.

The goal is, once assembled, the elements can’t be disassembled by a click and drag.
But can only rotate along the assembly axis (to adjust the structure shape).

I tried many configurations with no success, I also tried physics and Impostors.
I’m still able to disassemble them… I don’t understand how to do that.

May someone have a look and guide me?
This is my GitHub project: GitHub - Antoine8082/Pley_configurator

Thank you in advance!

So you’re working on a configurator for your first project? :open_mouth: A bold move to say the least :grin:
To create prefabs (groups of objects), I would actually (instinctively) parent them to a a new node (likely a transformNode). Then, pick the parent (transformNode) when picking an object. To set the center point/axis, I would use the boundingbox info of the hierarchy. There are some examples in this very forum.
Another method would be to perform a merge of grouped meshes. With the downside that you cannot ‘unmerge’ them and the other downside of eventually adding more drawcalls when using multimat.
To be honest, I’m not the configurator/editor specialist here so I will let others share their expertise :grin:
I suppose I essentially wanted to give you courage for what I believe might become a long journey for a newcomer :sweat_smile: