Mesh cutting tool?

Anyone have a good mesh cutting algorithm that will leave smooth edges around the places the mesh is cut?

See Babylon.js Playground

The cut sphere creates unwanted faces across the cut part of the surface, how to fix this? (I’m looking for a solution that will work for any random mesh to implement a cutting tool that allows user to remove junk they don’t want in the mesh).

You may want to use CSG.

For eg:

Look for “csg” in this forum for other examples.

Thanks, looks very promising, I can clip the cat no problem: Babylon.js Playground

But the meshes I’m playing with are much bigger and I get the dreaded “Aw, Snap! Something went wrong while displaying this webpage” error from Chrome. Do you know if there’s a server side version of this I can run? Does babylon work in Node.js or something?

I think you can use the null engine on the server side, @sebavan or @Deltakosh will know better than me about this.

I am not sure null engine would work better in this case but it is worth a try. It looks like a memory issue here due to the mesh complexity so it is probably worth a try.