Mesh Gradients in SVG-Texture

Hey there folks,

we are currently experimenting with .SVG textures a lot, since we have some clients that have absurd data size requirements. Also, since shapes in SVGs are manipulatable we have a lot more control over changing the color of some areas of a mesh, compared to actually using geometry and material assignment.

In some cases a SVG Mesh Gradient would be an almost ideal representation of the color flow. Since our aim is to control the color of these shapes we were wondering if this is possible with BabylonJS.

So our questions are:

  • Does the BabylonJS SVG definition support Mesh Gradients?
  • Is this limited to the browsers SVG rendering capabilities?
  • If yes, are there alternatives to rendering SVG on the clients site browser-independent?

We know it is not in the official standart yet and it is not even clear if it will be in the SVG 2 specification. But Programs like Inkscape support it already. We see a lot of texture compression and advanced control potential not only in SVGs but in this technique especially.

Thank you for your time and dedication
Kind regards
the Mainequin-Team

Hello team!

we support SVG like PNG or PJG: through the browser loading it for us and giving us a bitmap so yes it is limited to browser SVG capabilities