Missing edges when rendering. Can not render edges the same way "SolidWorks does it"


I am trying to render the edges of a geometry. The client insists that it should “look like in solid works”.


Here is the model - https://d37el9fxthpir8.cloudfront.net/materials/source/1dd0ceb46b8cc54e1e96db669c7c1de7/scene%20(2).glb

I am trying with different options for the same geometry but i could not reproduce. There are edges where no color is drawn, there are also missing edges.
I can not understand why are there missing edges.

The best I could do is something like

which is still missing rendered edges here and there.

I have tried

node.enableEdgesRendering(0.95, true, { useAlternateEdgeFinder: true, applyTessellation: true, useFastVertexMerger: true });

I have tried without any options, I have tried a number of different permutations of the IEdgesRendererOptions, but without success.

Even if I can’t reproduce “the same result as Solidworks”, I am trying to understand why are there missing edges in the

Like the whole side is missing. I now that edgesWidth is too large.

Thank you.

adding @Evgeni_Popov who played a bit with the edge renderer.

That will be hard to achieve what you want with the edge renderer because it is based on the angle two faces are doing at the edge location, and in your example you have rounded corners where this algorithm will break, because in some cases the edge should be drawn and in other it shouldn’t.

The best I could come up on my local computer is:

(you will need to change the path to the mesh)

If you have a single mesh to process, I would advise to create the edges in Blender or create them by code with line meshes.

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