Mobile browsers crashing (across several different phones)

@Cedric apologies, can you check scene This crashes my iphone 12. I paste the wrong background earlier. Thank you for the prompt review.

yes, I get the crash. what’s the difference with #18 ?

#18 loads 5-6 solar systems & #19 loads 8-9 solar systems.

i loaded the scene on desktop , in the inspector i see 249 textures. I wonder if this is part of the issue. Babylon does not automatically keep single instances of materials with same names. I found this out the hard way and actually wrote some code while loading assets to facilitate having only one instance of a material in the scene. So if an asset loads and it has materials with same names as materials already in the scene , i assign those materials to it and dispose the loaded ones. There is a post with the code here in the forums , worth a shot?

Thank you very much for your reply. I think the amount of textures and materials have something to do with the crash as well. Would you mind sharing that forum post with me?

I cant say it will help but maybe :wink:

thank you very much for your help! I will try and give it a go.

To be honest if your goal is to load the same model over and over, why not relying on clone or instances instead ?

@sebavan My goal is not to load the same model over and over again. I was trying to create a playground that would mimic my scene crash. My scene has multiple mesh objects and loads all of them eventually. I do have a high amount of textures and materials, which may be causing the mobile crash.

Yup I think you are just reaching the devices mas capabilities in some ways :slight_smile:

@sebavan I think so too. I was trying to see which factors caused the limitations and reduce the consumption of those factors.

Textures might be the biggest factor at play here, and you could also try to sequentially load models vs in parallel ?

@sebavan Original, I load the models in a queue format with Assets Manager in my current scene. I get the crash loading after loading the 3rd model into the scene on my iphone 8 and the crash occurs on the 5th model load on an iphone 12. I think this narrows it down to textures. Thank you very much for your help and guidance.

@shaderbytes, thank you for your kind link!

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Texture is the biggest factor causing phone browser crashing. I also met this condition and now tring to solve it. When I load several assets (.babylon files), my iphone 12 would crash. But if I delete the related textures, it works smoothly.

And now my goal is to load textures manually after meshes are loaded. if there are some ways to control texture loading when we apply BABYLON.SceneLoader.Append or BABYLON.AssetsManager, this problem would be solved. @sebavan @jamesgjwu

@sevenPlus Thank you for your response. I might give that a try later on.

something like a flag to load the object and material, but not the textures?

The texture issue might be better now with this fix: Browser freezes when loading model · Issue #11747 · BabylonJS/Babylon.js (



Has the texture situation improved for you?

Hello, I have decided to take a different route with content management. I think texture optimization will be made down the road but will not be my current implementation.

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