Mobile browser crashing(load a babylon file)

Recently I load customed model into a scene and use mobile(iphone 12 safari) to open it. But the browser always crashed. If I delete the related textures,it works smoothly. Following are PG showing the conditions:
model without textures
model with textures and browser crashed
And now my goal is to load textures manually after meshes are loaded. if there are some ways to control texture loading when we apply BABYLON.SceneLoader.Append or BABYLON.AssetsManager, this problem would be solved.
I have tried some ways to optimize textures like texture compressing or Basis file format.

Maybe should I decrease the number of materials ? I think material compilation would cause browser carshing.


You should try lowering the resolution on some of those textures. A PNG the size of 8192x5008 px will take a lot of your iphone’s GPU memory. and you have a few of them in the scene.

thanks,I will try it.

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