Models are loaded differently when fresh browser

I developed a website with babylon.js.
But I encountered a very wired error.

I load model via gltf loader and set position and rotation for them.
but when I get into my website, I get different result of these models’ transformation
This is what I need:
But if I fresh the page f5 or hard fresh it with ctrl + f5
I get this:
or some other situations.(sry, as new user in this forum I can only put one pic or two links)

I use some code like this to load models

const boxMix = require('../ult/ult.js').boxMix
module.exports = function(scene) {
    window.BABYLON.SceneLoader.ImportMeshAsync(null, "assets/model/", "arcade.glb", scene)
    .then((result) => {
        //add loading progress

        let parent = new window.BABYLON.Mesh("arcade", scene);
        result.meshes.forEach((element) => {
            if( === '__root__') {
                element.dispose(true, true)
        parent.scaling.x = 130;
        parent.scaling.y = 130;
        parent.scaling.z = 130;
        parent.position.x = 700;
        parent.position.z = 100;
        parent.position.y = 120;
        parent.rotation.y = (-1 * Math.PI / 4)

and the boxMix code:

let boxMix = function (parent) {
    let childMeshes = parent.getChildMeshes();
    let min, max
    if (childMeshes.length > 0) {
        min = childMeshes[0].getBoundingInfo().boundingBox.minimumWorld;
        max = childMeshes[0].getBoundingInfo().boundingBox.maximumWorld;

    childMeshes.forEach((it, idx) => {
        let meshMin = it.getBoundingInfo().boundingBox.minimumWorld;
        let meshMax = it.getBoundingInfo().boundingBox.maximumWorld;
        min = window.BABYLON.Vector3.Minimize(min, meshMin);
        max = window.BABYLON.Vector3.Maximize(max, meshMax);
    parent.setBoundingInfo(new window.BABYLON.BoundingInfo(min, max));
    //set pivot to center of the boundingBox
    parent.setPivotPoint(window.BABYLON.Vector3.Center(min, max))

use parent mesh and boxMix func to fix some pivot problem in models

I’m pretty new with 3d and babylon
Did I do sometime wrong ?
How should I do to fix this issue?

I’m pretty sure it has to do with the __root__ dispose. As axys convention aren’t the same between BJS & glTF, the gltf importer use this root object as an “axys fixer”


Don’t know why result is different on refresh though, maybe due to the async loading?

Thank you so much, Vinc3r.
I’ll dig into the root stuff, trying to find some clues.

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A repro in the playground would help as this code should be at least fully deterministic :slight_smile:

How to recode on the playground?

@wudao not sure your question is related to this thread ???