Models rendering

Hey, I’m learning to model interiors, and the renderings look pretty good. Some of the models were downloaded from Relebook, and I also got some 3D textures from there.

3d textures download
3d models download


Changing this to “Demo and Projects” instead of “Question” for internal triage.

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Overall lighting is very nice. :slight_smile:

I would advice to work on the UV mapping of the couch, by scaling it up, so that texture features appear smaller.


so is this post actually about you and your work on interiors or about promoting links to Relebook domain? You last and only other post was 6 months ago … also telling about the wonderful asset you found on this domain , with a hyperlink of course.

At least in that post you were asking about how to get your hdri asset to render properly. So at least you are not a bot posting spam , just a user trying to promote your domain every 6 months. I guess that is acceptable :wink: