Msft_lod screen coverage documentation wrong?

We’ve long been waiting for support for msft_lod extension with the MSFT_screencoverage property. This is going to unlock some really cool stuff for us.

It’s confusingly documented as if this support exists, but in our checking on this over the years ( :sweat_smile:), it appears that it’s still not supported.

@bghgary , I think you mentioned last time I flagged this that the documentation is just out of date.

I’m just checking in now to see if the documentation is still out of date, or if we should expect this to work in Babylon 6.0

If it’s not there, it might be good to update the docs!

Yes, the docs are still wrong. The docs were not reverted when we reverted the code.

I’ve opened a PR to fix it : Revert glTF MSFT_lod screen coverage support by bghgary · Pull Request #851 · BabylonJS/Documentation (

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Thanks @bghgary ! Is it still on your radar to try to bring this back? :grinning:

It isn’t right now, but because you are asking, we probably should try to bring it in. :slight_smile:

cc @PirateJC @RaananW @sebavan

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