Multi models link google earth?


     Google earth has thousands or millions of 3d's and is very fast. I calculate this is because the 3ds are 'downloading' as we get closer. Is it possible to do this?

     I would like to know if it is possible for a model with many pieces to be downloaded and viewed as you click and view (similar to the tiles used in streetview photos). That is, if for example I have the model of a car, if I click on the steering wheel, the model of the steering wheel is loaded so that I can then perhaps partially disassemble it.

If I load the whole car, with the thousands of parts, it may take a long time to load.

Ideally everything would be nice to be called from a database.

Another example would be to be able to link to another model but that it is related, as if they were nodes. For example, if I have a seed, a tree and a door, the idea is to be able to link to each other but when zooming out, I can see the relationship, as if the door would not exist without the seed. In this concept, everything is infinite because everything can be related.


Yes, this very much can be done. One important bit is you will want to generate LODs for your part’s textures (256, 512, 1024, 2048). So that when you switch to the steering wheel for example, load times are very quick for it’s many parts and then the textures get progressively higher resolution on them. You can also then dial in limits for iOS etc if you find things are crashing too

For geometry, just loading a meshopt or draco compressed highest detail mesh to apply the textures/material to (its insane how much the geometry gets compressed down these days. It’s trivial to download highest detail one aside from textures)

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