Sloooow wheel zoom on a real size building scene

Hi everyone.

I’m experimenting a problem with a extremely slow zoom of my camera (ArcRotateCamera) in a scene with a large (real size) model of a building.

I’ve tried with several values for camera.wheelPrecision and camera.wheelDeltaPercentage w/o any luck.

BTW rotation works perfectly.

Any help with this?

Thanks for your time.

this usually means that your model is HUGE :slight_smile:
Have you tried normalizing it and see if that helps?

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Hi RaananW.

I’m going to try that. Thanks.

Anyway, in sandbox I don’t have zoom-wheel problems with this same model (glTF).

That’s because the sandbox normalizes the models loaded (among other to avoid this problem :slight_smile:)

Hey, I am facing the same problem. Which method did you use to normalize the gtTF Model? I didn’t find one. And what other optimizations are made additionally in the Playground?

Thanks :slight_smile: