Navigation in third person view with obstacles and occluders - looking for ideas

Howdee, I am looking for ideas, tips, examples to make the perfect controller which will avoid my camera and avatar go through obstacles and will smoothly lerp my camera in front of occluders between the camera and avatar. Especially the latter seems complicated:

  • how to lerp/animate the camera nicely around an occluder? Is wayfinding required? can I use physics?
  • how to detect if occluder animation is needed? walking around a thin lamppost should not put me in front of the occluder, for example.

As I am sure this is not the first time this problem has been encountered, I hope the community can help me getting started.
Thanks !

Hello! I haven’t done anything with navigation yet, but I think you can take a look at Yuka Game AI + Babylon.js Examples - the 1st Release - Demos and projects - Babylon.js ( it has many nice examples :slight_smile: