Need Help! Creating a Configurator

Hi , Ive been playing with babylonjs for about a week now really caught up fast as I have minimal coding experience especially Js.

Is there any good configurator tutorials?.

What I want to do is have a 3D object in a webpage and be able to change material ect.

Hey Duro!
Welcome to the forum.
I haven’t seen a configurator demo per se - but lots of the examples here were very helpful to me when I was learning the basics (and still now) Babylon.js Documentation

If you scroll down to the one labeled “Materials” for example, you can see quickly how to add an object (“mesh”) to the screen and then to change its materials. Click the pencil icon to see the code.

Also check out the example labeled “GUI” - to see how you can add interface controls … that you can then use to control changes to the mesh.

Good luck with the project!

HI bigrig Thank you for your fast response!:smile: , I got 3D model already on a webpage with skybox and everything just need to do the configurator part but was hoping there is a full step by step tutorial for it.

Hi @Duro and welcome. As @bigrig suggested you can find lots of information in the docs. Using the descriptions from the docs and bits of code from the various playgrounds you will find there I cobbled together a simple configurator Babylon.js Playground

You can also use other GUI methods Graphic User Interfaces - Babylon.js Documentation

Hi @JohnK,

Thank you so much will really help alot :smile: