Need help in displaying world axes

I need to display world axes. In my scenario, I don’t want the world axes to be translated, zoomed,
panned, scaled.
World axes should be in static position.
But it should rotate when the camera rotates.
How to do this?

i understand what you need/ you need create second scene with new camera and your axes and connect second scene camera with your main scene camera. something like this

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Hi @kvasss ,
I tried using Overlay Multiple Scenes method to render scene.
But I am not able get required functionality.
I am not able to link first camera to the second camera.

Hi @gopivell,
Some time ago I created camera.viewport playground. I hope this could help you.

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Thanks. This is the one which exactly matches my requirement.
Kindly close the thread as success.

1 Like use this as starter scene and remove all trash from code


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Hi @kvasss,
I tried using this solution also.
This idea is good. But I prefer the World axes to be on the right side top. something like this example

hi @gopivell. you can use camera viewport properties
or as said Arte camera.viewport = new BABYLON.Viewport(0.85, 0.85, 0.15, 0.15);
my solution works only with ark rotate camera. for other types of camera you need build other situable registerBeforeRender loop function

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Hi @kvasss,
Yes I have translated the world axes.
It is working good now.

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