No typescript example available

Hi guys,

I am not able to change any example playgrounds to typescript. If I do, it changes to simple sphere with a plane. Is this a bug?

For example:

The examples are in whatever language (if you consider ts a language) they were made in. Switching them over manually is not so bad. Copy the body of the js function into the static method in the ts and fix of the syntax, add types, etc. Like this:

Is it better to stick to javascript or move to typescript?
I have been using js for a while now so asking if js will be removed from babylon in future?

I believe all of BJS is coded in ts already but since ts transpiles to js you’ll still have js.

I think coding in ts forces me to be a better programmer. There are strong opinions on both side re which is better.


Yep as long as typescript is compatible to javascript (which will be forever probably), we aren’t leaving javascript land :smiley: