Node material editor input node and uniforms

Input node would be nice where you can get the normalized value of the mouse / controller values.
Alternative would be the ability to define your own uniforms that you can pass to the shader.
The uniforms giving you a bit of flexibility around what kind of shaders you can write with the node editor.

This is already the case if you create any input node, you can then change the value by code as they end up being uniforms.

I searched for a “input” node but did not find any.
Does it perhaps go by a different name?


I am guess you are talking about the group, but how can I pass in the mouse coords?

I think for a uniform perspective what is there in the input group is fine.
What I think would be nice to have is a mouse node that I can use with the mouse move updating in the preview section.

I don’t have a scene set up, I am just working on the shader at this stage.
Perhaps that is the wrong way of going about it.
I have not looked into that yet, but I would assume you can pass the mouse coords in the playground to the shader via a vec input, but it would be nice to have a “helper” node in the shader editor so that I don’t need to first set up a scene to play with the shader…

You can simply create a vector3 node and then send the mouse coordinates by code.

I understand that you need it directly in NME but so far we do not have that option available :smiley: