Node Material Vertex Buffer

I am currently experimenting with the NME, once knowing how it works, its pretty fun and excellent tool! (though i hope history is supported soon :slight_smile: )

The UV Input currently supports uv and uv2, however vertexbuffer supports up to 7 uv slots. Is it possible to reach them through NME?

I have a gradient picture and want to map up to 6 values to the texture and afterwards interpolate between those values.


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We can definitely expose more uvs :slight_smile:
Adding @msDestiny14 to track it and see what can be done

@PirateJC FYI

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Would be great :slight_smile:

In my case I found a temporary workaround to give u and v each a value, so with uv1 and 2 I already have 4 values that I can insert into gradient component - no need for a texture. Afterwards I can easily interpolate.

Feel free to try. Go onto node material and change the weight sliders.