Third UV map: uvs3


I am attempting to use 3 UV maps with StandardMaterial but reading this from 2017 suggests we are limited to 2.

I fear this is the case, am I right?

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By default, but you can do a custom buffer! This would require some custom shader work too.

StandardMaterial has 2 uv sets. This is correct

Thank you both.

I can work around this, so not a problem. Would be great to have off the shelf support for > 2 UV maps, though.

Is this a limitation of Babylon or WebGL?


we can support it but honestly that the first time I see the ask :slight_smile:

I’m surprised no one else has asked!

If you’re able to add support for this, I really would be very grateful as it would save me a lot of time.

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Can you create a request on the repo? I will see how to integrate that in our schedule