Node Materials, Ground.applyDisplacementMap, ArcRotateCamera? Are those futures working in BabylonNative

I decided to try to run my project in BabylonNative.

I noticed that those elements are not working:

  1. Node Material - does not work other than Texture node at the moment for me.

  2. Ground.applyDisplacementMap() - method is not adding mesh displacement, its flat,

  3. ArcRotateCamera - does not move, I noticed some threads on the forum but this is like no progress yet.

Can anyone confirm or deny those things working at the moment?

I use:
|||@babylonjs/core: 5.0.0-alpha.60,|
|||@babylonjs/react-native: ^0.4.0-alpha.41,|
|||@babylonjs/react-native-windows: ^0.4.0-alpha.41,|
|||react: ^17.0.1,|
|||react-native: ^0.64.0,|
|||react-native-permissions: ^3.0.0,|
|||react-native-windows: ^0.64.1|

Cc @bghgary / @syntheticmagus

Do you have some code we can try (maybe put it on the playground)? I don’t think we’ve tried using node materials or displacement maps yet in Babylon Native.

This is coming soon. The input support was just merged recently in the Babylon Native repo but hasn’t made it into the Babylon React Native repo yet. cc @PolygonalSun

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