NodeMaterialEditor and epsilon

@Deltakosh ^

I don’t think we have uvw in each vertex? So we could just use vertex position to index the 3D texture?

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You do not need to ping everybody, @Deltakosh is in well deserved vacation and will answer in about a week when he ll be back :slight_smile:


Lol, thanks for setting me straight @sebavan

nah no worries :slight_smile:

Can you summarize the ask? :slight_smile: I have 102 threads to read so far

I think the ask is to allow fetching from 3d textures @unicomp21 ???

of course! @unicomp21 wanna do a PR maybe?

yes, that’s the request. using volume textures from nme.

but there are other factors at play, where i might need some hand holding. for example, how does parallax occlusion mapping need to change, when using volume textures?

I am not sure to understand the issue, could you share an example ?

@sebavan I’m begging a question. How does one do parallax occusion mapping w/ a 3D texture as opposed to a 2D texture? (ie normal and height are stored in each pixel/voxel) The shader code needs to change, right?

yup I would think so as well, but not sure how easy this would be in NME, I guess in this case the shader code might be simpler