Volume Rendering with Babylonjs

Hello everyone,
I will be using volume rendering of anatomical structures with different rendering styles (mip for example) in my graduation project as part of my work, so I am wondering if I can use babylonjs to do this task. Can anyone guide me?
Here is a link to an example created with three.js


You certainly can :smiley: I’d start by taking a look at the Three example to see what it is doing, you can see it here: three.js/webgl2_materials_texture3d.html at dev · mrdoob/three.js (github.com). We don’t have a built in loader for NRRD files, but you can implement the loading yourself. We have a Texture3D class: RawTexture3D | Babylon.js Documentation (babylonjs.com). Most of what this example seems to be doing is shader work: three.js/VolumeShader.js at dev · mrdoob/three.js (github.com), and we support custom shaders in our ShaderMaterial: Shader Material | Babylon.js Documentation (babylonjs.com).

I hope this helps you in your work :smiley: