OBJ export to Babylon: nodes are doubled

Hi everyone, I’m exporting a model from 3dsmax as OBJ and putting it in Babylon. However, the file has 2 nodes of each mesh when I check in the exporter. I only want one mesh of each node. Keep in mind there are no multiple materials. Any idea what I’m doing wrong in my 3dsmax setup or exporter? I also noticed I don’t have a root.

I can’t comment about the 3DS exporter, as I have no experience with it, but it would be great to see the generated file, which might have a few clues as to what went wrong.
Regarding root object - it is needed in glTF but no root is generated for .obj files loaded.

Sure. Here is a sample file.

pinging @PatrickRyan for 3DS stuff

I took a look at the file, and it seems that the cause for the duplicate objects is the group statement on each object: (the line starting with g)

I’ve pushed a fix to parent groups to objects so the structure makes sense :slight_smile: Parent group entities to object entities on the OBJ loader by carolhmj · Pull Request #14565 · BabylonJS/Babylon.js (github.com)