Blender object exports as too many nodes

Sometimes when I export an object from Blender to a glTF to use in Babylon the file will have 2 or 3 nodes when I check in the Babylon exporter. I want this to be just the one node for selection. Any idea what I could be doing wrong in my Blender setup? The object seems to all be in one layer but I am new to Blender.
Thanks for any help

Babylon.js will always add a root node to make help transforming from right handed (gltF) to left handed (babylon.js)

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I also had unwanted parent folders for some of the objects as well as the root node. I’m not sure what was causing this but managed to get rid of them by simplifying the objects. I don’t know if it was multiple materials causing this or something like the the object edges/vertices not being connected. Ideally though I would like an object to have 2 or more materials within it but not to have the parent folder.


The root object is the one coming from our gltf loader. Everything else comes from Blender :slight_smile:

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Thanks @Deltakosh, something I need to figure out in Blender

Pinging @Vinc3r to get some hints :wink:

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glTF convention give us one material == one mesh, so on Blender a multimaterial object will be split.