OBJ File Loader

I’m looking for any help on trying to load an obj file into my scene. I never use the playground, so I’m sure my code in the playground is unnecessary. So if it will help I can just paste the code in a reply. Thank you for all your help!!


Ok let’s strat from the basics: Introduction to the Playground - Babylon.js Documentation

Ok I’ve read over it, and I’m wondering about the sources. In the playground, I understand that my sources in the directory containing my local index.html file for my project are not going to be able to load, so I’m just looking for the proper syntax. Anyway, are the Babylon sources necessary/can’t put in?

Well you really need to read the doc first I guess :slight_smile:

I removed the call to importMesh as they were incorrect (also fixed the call to CreateBox).

Please check the doc, we have extensive tutorial and API doc

Beyond the problem with the problem with the playground, is my syntax correct or an I missing something that I need to bring the model into my scene, like do I need to have the model file in a folder for it to work?

you need to have it served by a web server and then it will be fine

Thank you for all your help!!

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