Observablehq.com + BabylonJS StarterKit

Hi, we have found that in some cases it is noticeably easier to develop in an observablehq-environment - it allows you to distribute large chunks of code into different cells and documents and organize the development of really complex projects.

Want to share a couple of useful start templates with mutable variables to change parameters without reloading the scene and using GUI.
We usually use AngularJS for this, but it turns out to be much more convenient when configuring and debugging.

:black_medium_small_square: BabylonJS Starter
:black_medium_small_square: BabylonJS Starter.PBR



This is really great! Would also be wonderful to have that in our documentation as a demo if someone doesn’t want to use the playground for some odd reason :slight_smile:

@PirateJC , want to find a good place for this in the docs?

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Very cool! Let me do a little thinking about where this might best go.


Yes, I concur. ObservableHQ can be a nice, quick dev. environment. Here is an earlier thread with some more info:

Including how to use the nightly version, and how to use the inspector:

That may be helpful to have in the docs as well.

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@PirateJC, try this very special contemplative much better indeed thinking whatever_it_ is-skeletonish_thing

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