Do you use Playground, Editor, or a local editor for your BJS dev?

I’m working on a textbook to help get students (and non-students) get started developing in BJS.
As there are a variety of ways to develop BJS projects, I was curious about what everyone is using:
Playground, Editor, a local editor (Visual Studio Code/Visual Studio/Sublime/Other), or a mixture of these resources?

  • Babylon Editor (either desktop or online)
  • Babylon Playground
  • Local editor (VS Code, VS, Sublime, other)

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If you have a different development process or tool(s), please share in the comments!

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I use mainly VSCode and when prototyping, I use the same pattern than the one provided by the playground : the function createScene() returning a Scene object. Indeed, I can thus share what I’m working on or easily isolate an issue to request for help on the forum by building then a PG example.


I use a local development environment, because then I have VS Code and source control on everything.

I created a simple starter based on create-react-app that is easy to get started with.

I use the sandbox mainly to test out .glb files to see how materials look, or to tweak material properties that are not available in gltf yet, such as clear coat.


I use VSCode for coding, and the playground to quickly test new ideas, or for playing around with what I compiled with VSCode (referencing the local js files from the playground).

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hello, I want to consulting is the visual editor, this is our company before use OGRE engine implementation of a visual editor, he can realize scene loading, import resources, scene drag, add to a series of functions such as check, and my job now is to need to put these functions above Babylonjs, before I do the part with Ztree plug-ins tree, but I saw you this visual editor, to be honest, I am very interested in, but I know it is not the editor, can I put this editor embedded in my current project,And then it opens up in the browser, or the editor is just a local.exe that only works locally, or it can do all the things I said above, and I just need to use it

Why not relying on the editor from @julien-moreau:

It looks like it does all you need ?

you mean, I should use this editor, but just like the question I asked, I need to be on the browser now, in my own project, can I embed this editor in my own project

Ping @julien-moreau but I guess yes :slight_smile:

really, because as I reply to the above, I need to implement this feature, so I have to write, but now I suddenly found that the visual editor, if he can really, then reducing the workload of me a lot, but I’m worried about is, if not up to expectations, I would spend more time

It is totally up to you but it might be worth a chat with @julien-moreau

I often use Playground not only for BJS debug or dev but also all the JS code snippets fot testing purpose, in fact I think it’s better and easier to use than CodePen or JSFiddle

I downloaded the editor’s code to the local, but it is ts, how do I compile his source package

I would like to know how to change this editor into Chinese version

You should check with @julien-moreau

Hey @ranwei-001
Answered your private message :slight_smile:

Here are my other answers:

My question is: do you want to use the editor? Or extend the editor to fit your needs?


I guess there is a typo in here but not sure if it saves when you are not or if it does not when you are ?

I mainly use good ol vscode, but I’ve recently started experimenting with the unity exporter.