Oculus Go, createDefaultVRExperience, and onPadStateChangedObservable

I’m currently developing a VR educational web app, and I’d like it to be compatible with as many VR headsets as possible. I was testing the app on the Oculus Go, but I noticed that onPadStateChangedObservable is never triggered when I click on the controller pad. But onPadValuesChangedObservable is triggered when I slide my finger across the controller pad.

Both onPadStateChangedObservable and onPadValuesChangedObservable work when I test on the HTC Vive.

Here’s a playground scene, in case it helps: https://playground.babylonjs.com/#XEVXGA#7

I suspect this is a question for @trevordev :slight_smile: Much thanks for all your help!

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Thanks for finding this, I think this is a bug. PR with fix is here: correct observable name to get pad press/touch notifications for gearVR and GO by TrevorDev · Pull Request #6072 · BabylonJS/Babylon.js · GitHub

I can confirm that all works well with the latest update. Thanks for your help with this!