Offset to Disposed mesh following with cloned one to BoundingBox


I see a behavior that i wonder how i can prevent it.
In my scenario I need to dispose a bounding box and create a new one for a cloned mesh.

The problem is If I move the mesh before doing the Clone-Dispose technic, I get an unwanted small offset to the new Mesh.

see the playground below:

to reproduce move the starting scene Mesh in the 6DOF and then press the AttachToBoxBehavior button to do a clone-dispose.
You will see a small offset that troubles my needed logic.

Is there a way to prevent it?

Addition to that,
The only way i have managed to prevent it is by adding a parent mesh before attaching to the BoundingBox,

But this is not an optimal path for my solution whatsoever.

see here the parent mesh playground addition:

cc @Cedric our gizmo guru

I’ll take a look asap

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I’m not sure of the result you want after clicking the button.
I tried just to reparent the root like this:

And got no offset.

I’ll see if it meets my logic, seems that i’m missing something.
since it is still reproduced in my code project, I’ll create a clearer playground

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Hello @lior3790 just checking in if you need any more help with this