On AR Plane Selection

In this Plane Detection demo, PLANE_DETECTION feature will discover many planes in AR but I don’t know how to interact with it.
How can I select a plane to indicate where I want to have my AR experience? Like after I touch a plane, my 3D model will be placed on it and all detected planes’ presents will disappear. Kinda like this feature of Viro.
Thank a lot!

I did something similar in one of my demos:

Raanan Weber on Twitter: “Introducing Wack-A-Rabbit - https://t.co/Zt3oocMU1M A non-violent #AugmentedReality demo using @babylonjs and #WebXR’s plane detection. As always - source code in our playground for you to play with. https://t.co/ZlOL2D6s2b” / Twitter

But i believe hit-testing and emulating the plane at the hit-test’s position might be a better option for you. have you considered that?

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