Only getting Infinity Values when doing getHierarchyBoundingVectors on a linkedTransformNode

So whenever I am importing a glb, and then wanting to compute a transformNodes boudingInfo for some reason I am only getting back Infinity values on all my imports nodes for every model I have tried a this point.

I’ve tried doing forcing updates and other things, not really sure what I’m doing wrong?

adding @bghgary

All the hierarchy under bones[12]._linkedTransformNode is a transform node hierarchy only: getHierarchyBoundingVectors can only return sensible data if there’s at least one regular (abstract) mesh (with non empty geometry) in the hierarchy as it is working by merging the data retrieved by calling getBoundingInfo.

Shouldn’t it still have a bounding box in theory from just its children transformNodes positions?

nope because a position is not a volume

if I made the assumptions they were how would I go about this?

recursively iterate though the children nodes and create my own max min vectors from the positions?

Or I guess what would be the best way to get the effected Mesh by this node?

Last how would I know inherently that its a hierarchy node, I guess look to see if it has child meshes?

yes getCHildMeshes is probably your better choice here