Opacity of clearColor in my babylon js scene has no effect

Hello everyone.
I’m working on a 360° scene project with babylonJS. In this project I’m using babylon-htmlmesh - npm, a new extension that allows html integration directly on a mesh. However, using this extension requires the clearColor of my scene to be transparent, which I’m trying to do like this:
Unfortunately, and this is the whole point of this topic, this parameter is not taken into account, preventing me from using the HtmlMesh extension.
Here’s how I instantiate my scene:

And here are three images showing my background without changing its opacity

Does anyone have any idea how to solve this problem and where it comes from?
Thanks in advance for your feedback!

cc @ericwood73, who created the htmlmesh extension, in case it rings a bell.

Actually, this was originally posted in the HtmlMesh topic, but I suggested it be posted here becasue I don’t see how this could be related to HtmlMesh usage. Could creating a skybox somehow affect the clear color? @Sacha_cln Might be worth commenting out the htmlmesh and/or skybox and see if that changes anything.

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Also, a repro in the Playground or somewhere else would help a lot!

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Thank you for your answers. I didn’t use the playground because when I integrated my code into it I got the desired result which I didn’t get on my Angular project.
But I found the problem! There were actually two.

1st problem: there was a background-color effect in the scss of the component in which I integrated my babylonjs component that impacted the comportment

2nd problem: there was a rgb(0,0,0) effect on my HtmlMeshDiv. I had to apply this property on top of it:

But now it seems to work perfectly!