[OPEN SOURCE] Multiplayer 3D RPG Using Colyseus

Ok that’s it for today:

  • added first version of auto attack (use first ability to test)
  • camera can now be rotated using right click
  • ressurect button


From a few trials, it looks like my char after ressurecting does not move anymore. I tried ‘reset position’ but it looks like I’m just stuck there (happened ~4 times out of 10). The right click camera rotate works fine.

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Just my 2c Sometimes you don’t need to load all assets before game scene. For example, we can async loading music and audio while get player do actions in the gameplay.

I think for web-based games the rule is “run gameplay as soon as possible”


@mawa thanks for trying it out, but I cannot seem to reproduce that issue, so I have no idea why it’s doing that for you.

@Alexander_Sosnovskiy fair point, it’s even worse in my case, every scene change (town → dungeon ir dungeon to town) forces me reload all asset everytime, I have to restructure so I only preload once. (if that make any sense).

You’ll be stuck somewhat with (re)loading assets when the scene changes, though you won’t pay network overhead on the 2nd initialization.

If you can offload asset loading into a SW, it can pre fetch assets in anticipation of needing to load into memory



@jelster make 100% sense, thanks for the input. I forget sometimes I’m in a web environment. :slight_smile:

@mawa managed to reproduce your issue, it happens when you die ( I never die of course :grin: ) very quick while moving, now I’ve found it shouldn’t be too hard to fix.

EDIT: should be fixed now @mawa :slight_smile:

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I’ll give a try later and will let you know…

Yup. I can confirm this issue is now gone with the wind :wind_face:
Died 10 times, resurrected 10 times :ghost: No more worries there I guess.
Did you change anything to the damage taken. May be it’s just a feeling or I’m getting better at it :man_superhero: :thinking:… but I tend to die :skull_and_crossbones: a lot less now (which didn’t help for the debugging but is otherwise more enjoyable :grin:

@mawa thanks for confirming. Haha, yes, there is a grace period where the AI does not see you upon logging in or ressurecting.

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TIme to harvest :slight_smile:


Hi everyone,

Been working mostly on refactoring and integrating the database to persist abilities and inventory items, still quite far away, but its slowly coming together.

  1. Added more controls to the camera (zoom, pitch, pan)
  2. I’ve worked on reducing colyseus state size and have plans to reduce it even more.
  3. started working on the inventory ui
  4. added a class to better control loot drops and rewards
  5. you win gold now upon enemy death
  6. enemies drops an apple upon death!! lucky us!

Not much to really show, but here are a few goodies :slight_smile:

ui inventory in progress

camera controls

camera controls in motion


And do you happen to get a rest from time to time? :grin: You know, things average humans like me do… such as eating, sleeping, even holidays may be? :joy: This is all going just too fast for my old bones :bone: :laughing:

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Haha, it doesn’t look like it but I do rest and exercise @mawa I just keep putting consistently an hour in here and there :slight_smile:

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I wish my hours were as good as yours :slight_smile:


No kidding! Between @oriongu and @lucas-divinestar i feel like a complete slouch! :sunglasses::grin::laughing:


There are good models with CC0 which may bring your graphics into next level)

It contains GLTF too so just grab and go) I use it in my open source projects/lessons

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@Alexander_Sosnovskiy thanks for the link, there are some cool stuff in there!!

its awsome project to me. i believe it’s getting better so Cheer up!!!


Hi everyone,

It’s been very quiet here, as I realized if I wanted to integrate items correctly, I needed to be able to equip them, and needed to improve my character model to allow that sort of stuff. I started training on blender for a while, trying to combine animations, import/exporting in different apps, basically going down a rabbit for a while and not achieving much.

I stepped back a bit and decided to work on a character editor scene to work on prepararing and testing all character related stuff:

  1. male/female switch
  2. hair/beard/etc color & type
  3. equipping item/armor (maybe with coloring options)
  4. animation switching preview

Once I got all that in place, it’ll be easy (albeit time consuming) to integrate into the actual game.

I’m not 3d artist so i’m going to buy an asset, and I’ve shortlisted these 3 modular packages:

Which one do you guys prefer?

Additionnally, if anybody have any tips & tricks / demos / example for this charcater editor scene, that would be great :slight_smile:

Got a very basic start in place

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Lets make it a poll :slight_smile: