IO game platformer prototype (BabylonJS + Colyseus + TypeScript) open-source

Hello all, my friend @JacobPjetursson and I have made a multiplayer BabylonJS platformer prototype with the use of colyseus, written in typescript (server and client side). We started back in the begining of january, thinking that we wanted to make our first IO multiplayer game in 3D, based on BabylonJS and colyseus. We knew that it had to be easy and simple and fun to play, but we also wanted to be “fresh” therefore we went with 3D. Not a lot of IO games are 3D. Here is a link for you guys to try it out:

Moreover, one of the things that we also wanted to do is to help the so called “IO games” community with making their own 3D games, not a lot of IO games are open sourced, so we have chosen to open source all of the code, such that you guys hopefully can learn from it, her is the repo: GitHub - BabylonJSGames/BabylonJS-Platformer-Game-Prototype: A 3d platformer browser game prototype made with the BabylonJS framework written in TypeScript..

We will not work on the repo anymore, we will try to release a “finished” version, which will be closed sourced. But we hope that the above repo can help a lot of people getting started with creating their very first IO game.

We want to say thank you for this amazing community.

If you have any feedback just comment here :slight_smile:


Oh great, another platformer for me to epically fail at! :stuck_out_tongue:

But in all serious great work for you and your team! Was fun to play and a big thank you for putting in that checkpoint system. :pray:


No problem, we hope that you enjoyed it.

We are going to try to develop a finished game, hopefully, with both easier and harder levels :stuck_out_tongue:

@Fadi_Bunni @JacobPjetursson I believe this prototype could be very useful, especially for beginners. Currently it doesn’t work (since it is 4.2.0 - Chrome issue) but it works at 5.7.0 with minor errors (I think they come from some compilers).

After updating all dependencies there are no errors. The working version is here - GitHub - eldinor/BabylonJS-Colyseus-Game-Prototype: A 3d multiplayer prototype made with the BabylonJS and Colyseus framework written in TypeScript.
I can make PR, if needed.

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Hello @labris, thank you so much for spotting our 1 year old work.

Our initial intention was actually to create something that can be used by all beginners, a boilerplate demonstration that uses babylonjs, colyseus and typescript.

We shared it here, but we got no to few responses, so we thought that no one wanted it really.

By PR what do you exactly mean? Do you want to feature it as a demo on Babylon website, because that was actually our dream.

I will update the original repository based on your commit and try to upload it to Heroku and Netlify, so people can try it again online.

hello again @labris,

I have now updated the game and it is now running with the newest version of babylon and colyseus.

It is also working on Netlify and Heroku online on this address:, give it some time to load up.

Furthermore, I have added a guide on readme about how to set it up online too on Netlify and Heroku.

Enjoy it :slight_smile:

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That is great, thanks a lot!

Don’t be disappointed, there are much more silent watchers who are grateful to you but in a silent way :slight_smile:
While we have now a section in the Docs regarding Colyseus - Real-time Multiplayer with Colyseus | Babylon.js Documentation - your boilerplate is much more advanced and will save a lot of time for those who know how to use it.

@PirateJC Probably we could add the link for this repo at the end of the doc page, like See also (after More)?

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Thank you so much.

It is nice to get recognized for the work we have done.

You are more than welcome to share it with everyone and have it where ever you want - at the end of the Docs!

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Hey @PirateJC, would it be possibe to add the repo to the doc page as an example?

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