Optimal light position for making the object most realistic


I am studying lights & shadows reading Babylon.js Documentation these days and was wondering if anybody thought of creating lighting/shadowing way to make object as realistic as possible.

I tried adding secondary/multiple light(s) in an attempt to make my object more realistic.

Would you like to share your opinions?

That’s a complex and open question :slight_smile:
Direct lighting is not the only part of the equation. Surfacing, indirect lighting, … are also a big factor to image quality.
It’s hard to make good rendering with only a few lights and shadow. IMHO, IBL and HDRI can help improve quality a lot with minimal efforts.
Using High-Contrast, Image-Based Lighting in Babylon.js | by Babylon.js | Medium


Oh my god haha

I just figured that I had not done enough research. I didn’t think it would be this complex. I thought there would be some sort of like an equation.

Apparently, there are so many ways for lighting and shadowing to make an object more realistic.

Thanks for the link attached and pointing directions for research!!

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