Paid task and company share

See this URL:

I need this re-creating to the highest standards.
Every feature is needed.
Also need the ability to create a panel list for the kitchen and a breakdown of the components used.
We think maybe REACTjs would be the best match.
We have a backend developer in-house to integrate into our existing site.

Spec sheet:

Can contact me directly through WhatsApp: +447533381767

Welcome to the community @Josh_hall

I took the time to read your spec sheet but noticed that it contradicts the title of this post i.e. “Paid task and company share” vs …

We are offering 10% equity in KitchenExpert future profits … Your job for your percentage would be to maintain the planner and improve throughout your time, no cash payment. If you would like to have a paid task then look elsewhere.

This is a substantial application to create for no pay and just the promise of a percentage of future profits if there are any. Just saying.

$750 000 and its a deal :wink:

Yes sorry I must update the spec sheet. It contradicts itself. I’m looking for a developer as a paid freelancer.