Particle Helper - particle position

Hi, Using Particle Helper I am trying to position the built-in smoke particle at a position in space.

// Smoke
BABYLON.ParticleHelper.CreateAsync(“smoke”, scene).then((set) => {
set.emitter = BABYLON.Vector3(1, 15, -10); // the starting location doesn’t work
emitter.position = BABYLON.Vector3(1, 15, -10); // doesn’t work either

There should be a simple way to position the built-in particle system in space, no ? or am I missing something ?

Use the worldOffset property of the particle system object to position the system in the world.

Note that you get a ParticleSystemSet when calling CreateAsync, so you should do something like:[0].worldOffset = new BABYLON.Vector3(0, 0, 0);

Thanks a lot you are a savior !!
It worked.