How to manipulate Particle Helper?

I’m pretty new to Babylon, and I’m experimenting with the built-in fire ParticleHelper. I want to include it in a scene and scale it down to my existing environment.

I’ve been able to control it’s position by using: set.start(box.position) but I’m wondering if it’s possible to also scale it up and down easily without altering the individual parameters like min and max size/scale for each fireSystem? Here’s my current attempt with ParticleHelper:

Fire Box Test

I’ve already had some luck with creating my own custom particles from scratch using the snippet server, but I want to keep the same look of the built-in fire ParticleHelper without having to try and recreate it. Attempt with snippet:

Fire Box Test 2


Hi @sblake and welcome to the forum

Maybe @Deltakosh can help you with this issue.

Unfortunately no, you have to change the individual parameters either after loading the sets or directly on the json file used by the set

Ok I’ll try altering the json files for each of the fireSystems. Thank you @Deltakosh

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// Fire!
var fire1 = BABYLON.ParticleHelper.CreateAsync("fire", scene).then((set) => {
    //scale all of the particle subsystems uniformly
    for(const sys of {
        sys.maxScaleX = 0.5;
        sys.maxScaleY = 0.5;

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Thanks @jkeys I was able to use your code and alter it to fit my scene. Here’s my latest scene:

Fire Box Test 3

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